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Repair Cracks in Your Home's Foundation

L & E Basement Waterproofing will repair and waterproof your home's foundation, so it is safe for your family.

As a house settles, it begins to settle and cracks begin to form in the foundation. It's a perfectly safe and normal occurrence, but if water begins to seep into the space, the cracks can become larger and cause structural problems.


Waterproofing your basement walls will help prevent the collection of water near the basement.

Prevent water buildup

It is important to stop water seepage in basement walls as soon as you see signs of damage. If caught early, repairs to small foundation cracks can be made easily and at low costs. Any necessary repairs can be made inside or outside of your home. We have successfully waterproofed and protected over 5,000 basements and will provide your home with the same, quality work.

Act quickly when water appears

Call us today for foundation repairs:


Foundation work and drain tiles come with warranties. Contact us today for more information on these services.

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